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Utah Filmmakers Seek the Public's Help to Reveal the Lethal Toll of Overwork | Arts & Culture

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Utah Filmmakers Seek the Public's Help to Reveal the Lethal Toll of Overwork


[Salt Lake City, Utah]- Staggering statistics regarding the ill-effects of overwork are confirmed by depressing scientific research: indeed, our work habits are killing us.   
Utah based-filmmakers Trevor Hill and Michael Potter are raising funds to investigate the sobering cost of our corporate lifestyle, which they will present to audiences in a slated film entitled “Karoshi and the Ethic of Work.”    
Using the recent Japanese epidemic of karoshi (literally, "death by overwork") as a cautionary angle, the film will feature interviews with global experts in the field of organizational performance. These professional opinions are intended to educate viewers on the subject of preventable, premature death resulting from stroke and heart disease. 


Karoshi illustrates the true scope of our modern “addiction” to occupational overwork, including its transcendental qualities within various cultures and industries. Overwork creates lasting problems beyond the physiological; emotional, familial and social health levels are also struggling worldwide.   
The film is timely as more and more companies invest in "wellness programs" to promote and regulate employee health. The film will feature examples of successful initiatives from multinational corporations to local businesses, while exploring the ethical and social responsibilities that companies have toward the health of their workers and their families. “Karoshi and the Ethic of Work” will help to guide the work paradigm of the 21st century.


Director Trevor Hill, Producer Michael Potter and the crew of Karoshi have begun filming in Salt Lake City and have lined up interviews with top specialists across North America and East Asia. In order to secure travel costs, they are seeking donations at social fundraising web site kickstarter.com. Through this "pre-commerce" model, donors are able to secure incentives ranging from an HD download of the finished film to film inclusion, appropriate for corporate sponsors. The filmmakers encourage individuals who relate to this topic and companies who encourage healthy organizational performance to sponsor the film. Fundraising will continue until December 22nd.


For more information about the film and the filmmakers, or to contribute, visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/genesismedia/karoshi-and-the-ethic-of-work or contact Trevor Hill at (801) 833-2224.


(Information provided by Trevor Hill)

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