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EPA designates 300-acre area as superfund cleanup site


SALT LAKE CITY – An area of downtown Salt Lake City has been added to the Environmental Protection Agency’s list of superfund sites. Once listed, the federal government can apply funds to clean up the area.

The area is a 300-acre plot near 700 South and 1600 East. The EPA says a carcinogen known as PCE has contaminated groundwater there, reaching levels 64 times the acceptable limit.

They don’t believe PCE is in the drinking water, but left unchecked, they think it could threaten the supply.

The public has 60 days to comment.

Salt Lake City’s Bike Share program expanding amid success

SALT LAKE CITY – It’s been one month since Salt Lake City implemented its green Bike Share program.

The bikes can be rented for 30-minute intervals and are found at stations all around downtown.

Program organizers say it’s been a success so far.

“The bikes are accessible. I’ve never been to a stop or I guess a station where there isn’t a bike or a dock when I need to drop one off,” said Ryan Evans.

Ben Bolte, director of the Bike Share program, says that in the last 30 days, around 1,300 people have made more than 4,400 trips.

The program has been so successful, in fact, the city will be expanding.

“We’ve secured enough funding to add an extra two stations and another 30 docks. We want to get each station up to 20 docks and right now they’re at 13,” Bolte said.

Tar sands protesters interrupt U of U fuel conference

SALT LAKE CITY – Protesters stormed an energy conference at the University of Utah on Tuesday, criticizing the university for holding a meeting that focused on tar sands development in the western United States.

Shouting at a crowd of potential investors and researchers, protesters with the Utah Tar Sands Resistance said a tar sands project in Utah would destroy the state, temporarily halting discussion over oil development projects in Utah.

“People will be coming from all over the country this summer to stop the U.S. Oil Sands mine from happening,” one protester said.

Tar sands was just one of the many topics covered at the meeting, which was, in part, a chance for University of Utah researchers focusing on oil projects to reveal their findings.

Budah at U of U Earth Day celebration

FOX 13′s Big Budah headed to the University of Utah campus in Salt Lake City for their week-long Earth Day celebration.

BLM seeks volunteers for raptor inventory nest survey

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Utah Salt Lake Field Office is seeking volunteers to assist with the annual Raptor Inventory Nest Survey (RINS) in northern Utah.  Participation as a volunteer does not require special experience or education, and the BLM will provide training.  In fact, the only prerequisites are a love for the outdoors, especially Utah’s beautiful west desert, and a sincere desire to help the magnificent birds of prey that call our state home.

Governor focusing on cleaning the air

SALT LAKE CITY – Utah Governor Gary Herbert says air pollution is at the top of his agenda.

On Friday, students at Emerson Elementary School in Salt Lake City held a rally to encourage parents and drivers to turn off their cars while waiting to pick up their kids at school.

“For this past week, we’ve been having indoor recesses and we don’t like walking the halls because it’s just really boring,” said Leilani Madrigal, student body president.

The rally came two days after hundreds of clean air activists visited the Utah State Capitol demanding the government do more about Utah’s pollution program.

Herbert was out of town during Wednesday’s protest, but now he’s back in town and working on improving the state’s pollution.

New report addresses safety of Utah's pipelines

New report addresses safety of Utah's pipelines

SALT LAKE CITY - After two oil spills near Red Butte Creek, the state released a new report on the safety of pipelines in Utah.

According to the pipeline safety report, Utah is one of only five states without some sort of state standard for hazardous materials pipelines.

The report covers the types of pipelines along the Wasatch Front, what risks they pose to public safety and how to reduce those risks.

The Oil Spill Working Group, a group of stakeholders and comunity members, called for the report.

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker was on hand for a presentation of the report's findings.

"One of the things we learned through this experience is there are gaps in what the federal government does and a lot of it is just what they're capable of doing but it's important that we fill those gaps to protect our residents, and our businesses and the overall health of our community," Becker said.