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Candidates for Utah Attorney General talk transparency

SALT LAKE CITY — Restoring public trust in The Utah Attorney’s Generals Office: Sean Reyes says he’s up for the challenge, but so does his democratic challenger, Charles Stormont.

The two were at the Hinckley Institute of politics Friday, discussing ways to improve transparency in the public position.

“We want to make sure, not only do we not step over that line, but that there’s no perception even that there’s a conflict between the political side and the policy side,” said Utah’s acting A.G., Sean Reyes, to a crowd of students at the University of Utah.

In the world of politics, sometimes perception is what ultimately leads to your demise. John Swallow stepped down from his embattled position as Utah’s A.G. amid allegations of bribery and after allegedly violating campaign finance laws.

State lawmakers discuss governor’s ‘Healthy Utah’ plan

SALT LAKE CITY — The Obama Administration reportedly gave Governor Gary Herbert preliminary approval on his plan to provide health care coverage to uninsured Utahns.

However, the governor’s bigger hurdle may be with the Utah legislature. It will take a special session from the Utah Legislature to approve the Governor’s plan, and scoring the support from the State House of Representatives will be challenging.

Governor Herbert was in good spirits after a trip to Washington D.C., where the feds gave his “Healthy Utah Plan” to cover tens of thousands of uninsured Utahns an initial OK.

“This will be a work in progress,” Herbert said during a press briefing. “We don’t have all the answers because we don’t know all the questions, but I’m confident this is going to be a better approach for the Utah citizens and taxpayers than just Medicaid expansion.”

Political parties hold conventions in Utah Saturday

SALT LAKE CITY – Utah Republicans and Democrats held county conventions in Utah Saturday, and several candidates have secured their party’s nomination.

There was a bit of controversy in Salt Lake County as a candidate for the Fourth Congressional District, Tim Aalders, was told he could not have booth space at the Republican event because he was registered to run as an independent candidate.

Aalders said he had made that clear when he paid for the booth prior to the event but said he was still turned away, after receiving a refund. See the video above for details.

Democrats also met Saturday, and officials spoke on camera with FOX 13 News.

Several candidates have secured a nomination from their party, while others will be involved in a primary election. See the video above for a look at some of those results.

Utahns rally in support of Amendment 3, traditional marriage

SALT LAKE CITY — Lawyers for the state of Utah went before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver Thursday, arguing their case for Utah’s Amendment 3, which defines marriage as solely between a man and a woman.

The Utah Eagle Forum and several other groups supporting traditional marriage held a rally at the Utah State Capitol to welcome them back Friday.

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes and lead counsel Gene Schaerr received a warm welcome at the event.

“We appreciate everything that you’ve done to help us stand up and defend the laws of the state of Utah and to help us defend Utah’s right to define marriage as between a man and a woman,” Reyes said.

The author and sponsor of Amendment 3, Rep. LaVar Christensen, R-District 32, was also honored by those at the rally.

Former Utah chief deputy attorney general put on paid administrative leave

SALT LAKE CITY – A search warrant relating to the investigation into former Utah Attorney General John Swallow names one of those who served with Swallow.

A search warrant obtained by FOX 13 News Wednesday shows Kirk Torgensen allegedly told a police informant he had text messages between himself and former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff that were “Insurance.”

The warrant was sought by Sim Gill, Salt Lake County District Attorney. The Davis County Attorney, Troy Rawlings, is jointly conducting an investigation with Gill and his office. Shurtleff has also been named during the investigation.

Torgensen was placed on paid administrative leave, officials with the Utah Attorney General’s Office said Wednesday. They did not provide further detail.

Former Salt Lake Co. mayor to run for Utah State Democratic Party Chair

SALT LAKE CITY — Peter Corroon, who served as the Salt Lake County mayor for eight years, announced Friday he will run to become the next Chair of the Utah State Democratic Party.

Utah Senator Jim Dabakis, the previous chair, announced his resignation from the position in March, citing health reasons and a desire to spend more time with his family.

Corroon said in a press release he is honored to seek the position, and he thanked Dabakis for his leadership over the years and said that leadership strengthened the party.

Corroon said in the release that if he is elected he plans to implement a “29 County Plan” to increase Democratic Party influence statewide.

Why did Gov. Herbert veto three bills?

Governor Gary Herbert vetoed three bills after this year’s legislative session.

Jacey Skinner, who provides legal counsel for the governor’s office, came to the FOX 13 Studio Thursday morning to describe the bills and Gov. Herbert’s reasons for vetoing them.