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BLM seeks volunteers for raptor inventory nest survey

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Utah Salt Lake Field Office is seeking volunteers to assist with the annual Raptor Inventory Nest Survey (RINS) in northern Utah.  Participation as a volunteer does not require special experience or education, and the BLM will provide training.  In fact, the only prerequisites are a love for the outdoors, especially Utah’s beautiful west desert, and a sincere desire to help the magnificent birds of prey that call our state home.

Hogle Zoo snow leopard undergoes surgery

SALT LAKE CITY - Hogle Zoo's snow leopard cub underwent surgery to have its eyelids corrected.

5-month-old Chimeegui was born with eyelid dysgenesis, which is similar to a cleft palate of the eyelid.

The snow leopard had surgery at LS Skaggs Animal Health Center. Vet staff and keepers have administered daily eye drops while Chim's condition could be assessed.

Dr. Nancy Carpenter, the Hogle Zoo associate director, says eyelid dysgenesis is rare, but not unheard of in cats.

"In snow leopards they get a defect and it's called an eyelid colaboma. Basically that means the eyelid did not form correctly, so he's got some parts of his eyelid that did not match up and form as they should," said Carpenter.

Chim is expected to make a full recovery.

City reminds residents of ongoing fireworks restrictions

This is a news release from The Official City Government Website of Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY – As the Pioneer Day holiday approaches, Mayor Ralph Becker and the Salt Lake City Fire Department remind residents that City parks, watershed areas, wild land urban interface neighborhoods and other areas of heightened risk are off-limits to fireworks.

An extended spell of hot, dry weather has elevated public safety concerns in Salt Lake City and across the state, leading to a ban onfireworks use on all unincorporated land statewide. While the Mayor and fire officials continue to monitor local conditions, and further restrictions may be issued, residents are reminded to use common sense and follow established laws and guidelines – especially regarding where fireworks are prohibited in the City – as they plan celebrations.

Free ice cream day at Tracy Aviary

Everyone knows the early bird gets the worm.  On Friday, July 27th, the early visitor gets the ice cream! In celebration of National Ice Cream month, visitors to Tracy Aviary will receive free Creamies Ice Cream while supplies last. With several new exhibits constructed over the past few years,

Tracy Aviary is experiencing record attendance, so people are encouraged to fly over early to take advantage of this great opportunity.  Tracy Aviary visitors are required to pay admission in order to receive Creamies.

Crews Say Fireworks Sparked Moab Blaze

Moab fire investigators say three people setting off fireworks sparked Monday's blaze in a nature preserve. The Slough fire burned 65 acres in the Matheson Wetlands Preserve Monday night. Erratic winds made for a dangerous fire fight and forced 200 families to evacuate their homes. The Grand county attorney will screen possible charges. Crews say they have the fire under control and fully contained.  Fire managers say it's been a slow start to the fire season because wet weather has kept fire fuel from drying out. Problem is, now there's much more to burn. Tracy Dunford with Utah's Division of Natural Resources says "It's been a wetter than usual spring. We've got a lot of growth because of that moisture. That stuffs going to dry out now and it's going to be a big concern for us."

Nesting pair of falcons return to Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- A pair of peregrine falcons is once again nesting in downtown Salt Lake City after refusing to settle in a temporary home last year.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources says the falcons are caring for an egg in a nest near the top of 10-story building in the downtown area.

The falcons have nested in the area since 1986. They refused to use a temporary nest last year that was needed because their usual nest was displaced by a construction project being overseen by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Tracy Aviary Hosts a Party for the Planet

The following is a news release from Tracy Aviary.

Mother Earth deserves a party and Tracy Aviary knows how to make it wild! Come join your feathered friends at Tracy Aviary for the biggest party of them all, the Party for the Planet! To commemorate both “Earth Day” and “Arbor Day,” over 100 other AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums are participating in this nation-wide event.