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Utah physicists invent ‘spintronic’ LED

This is an article from University of Utah News

University of Utah physicists invented a new “spintronic” organic light-emitting diode or OLED that promises to be brighter, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than the kinds of LEDs now used in television and computer displays, lighting, traffic lights and numerous electronic devices.

“It’s a completely different technology,” says Z. Valy Vardeny, University of Utah distinguished professor of physics and senior author of a study of the new OLEDs in the July 13, 2012 issue of the journal Science. “These new organic LEDs can be brighter than regular organic LEDs.”

The Utah physicists made a prototype of the new kind of LED – known technically as a spin-polarized organic LED or spin OLED – that produces an orange color. But Vardeny expects it will be possible within two years to use the new technology to produce red and blue as well, and he eventually expects to make white spin OLEDs.

SLC company to make 'cricket bars' out of real insects

SALT LAKE CITY - A downtown Salt Lake City restaurant will be using an unusual ingredient in their food.

Chapul will be making cricket bars, the first commercial food product in the US to have protein flour made from insects.

The concept was used by the Aztecs and other Native Americans.

The energy bar was launched in Los Angeles earlier this month.

Santas, elves, gingerbread men pub crawl in SLC

Hundreds of Santas, elves and even gingerbread men took to Salt Lake City's pubs Friday night as part of Party Bus Nation's Santa Pub Crawl.

Event organizers estimate 200 to 300 people dressed up in holiday-inspired costumes and visited five or six bars.

"We had tons of Santa Clauses, we had elves, we had gingerbread men, we had reindeers. It was a fantastic time, it was really great," said Matt Brown with Party Bus Nation. "We have a designated reindeer, his name is Rudolf, and he will get everybody home safely."

The participants split into four groups for the crawl then met up at the last bar of the night.

Silly string for the record books

Silly string for the record books

A couple thousand college students helped set a world record Friday night. The record? The world's largest silly string fight.

Organizers UPillar, an online classified advertising site, gave away money earned at the door in the form of scholarships and other prizes.

"This event was really catered to bringing in college students and not just that but give back," said Trevor Milton, CEO of UPillar.com. "So instead of us keeping the money that we generate from the ticket prices, we're actually gonna be giving away scholarships every hour. We're gonna be giving away cash prizes every ten minutes and we're gonna be giving away a car at the end of the night."

They chose silly string because the previous mark wasn't too daunting; they had to get silly string in the hands of more than 200 people to set a new record.

Yarn Bombing planned in Washington Square

Yarn Bombing planned in Washington Square

Christo is known worldwide for his unique land art, but visitors to downtown Salt Lake City will see their own version with a "yarn bombing" of parts of Washington Square outside Salt Lake City's Main Library.

The group of Utah knitters plans to measure, knit and cover various parts of the landscape--from tree branches to benches.

Expect the square to be covered in yarn during the week of the Utah Arts Festival.

Smart, kin top Mitchell trial witness list in Utah

Prosecutors say Elizabeth Smart is expected to fly back to Utah from her Mormon mission in France to testify in the federal trial of a former street preacher accused of abducting and sexually assaulting her in 2002.

Mensa test coming to Utah

Have you ever thought about joining Mensa? If so, here's your chance to "carpe diem" and take the American Mensa Admission Test. National Mensa Testing Day is October 16, 2010. Local chapters will be testing across the country, and anyone who scores in the top two percent on the admission test will be invited to join the High IQ society.